Capless Sealing Solutions

Induction sealing has always been considered an effective hermetic sealing technology for capped products with enough application torque to hold the foil liner in place during the sealing process. For the first time ever packagers now have an alternative to conduction when sealing capless containers.

Enercon's flexible induction sealing technology may be leveraged into rotary, pick and place, pressure-belt and table-top systems for capless containers and capped containers lacking the sufficient torque for traditional induction sealing. Enercon's engineering team will work with you to customize a sealing solution to meet your unique application requirements.

One of the primary benefits of induction over conduction is that the sealing head is more forgiving of containers out of tolerance. Conduction relies on a hard metal plate making perfect contact with the container to be sealed. Induction technology utilizes a pad which can mold to the contour of a container that is out of specifications.

Packagers benefit from "instant start-up", clean operation and high speed induction capabilities. Compact sealing components are retrofittable into existing conduction sealer systems. And these ultra-efficient induction sealing components operate at 1/10th of the power required by conduction sealers.

Induction is a well-proven sealing technology that requires virtually no maintenance and is ideal for the food, dairy, chemical, beverage, bottled water, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

System Benefits

  • No temperature sensors/heaters required
  • No system warm-up/no production delays
  • Operator-safe
  • Easily retrofittable to existing lines
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Apply foil directly to package

Outstanding Features

  • Instantaneous start-up and operation
  • High speed production capability
  • Single and multiple head application designs
  • Compact design
  • Reliable sealing head design

Enercon's wide variety of unique sealing solutions include the table-top Pneumatic Jr for low-production and laboratory use. This unit uses pneumatics to lower the sealing head and to provide the pressure required for sealing. Our Pressure-Belt system is also available for snap-on caps. Email us today for the latest developments in capless sealing!

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