Lift'n'Peel ™

Lift'n'Peel ™ innerseals are the solution for hard to open containers.

Selig Lift'n'Peel ™ innerseals can seal to most any plastic bottle surface; polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, PVC, polystyrene and can be used with either dry or liquid contents.

If you have ever broken a nail or cut yourself while removing a liner from a bottle, Lift'n'Peel ™ may be just what you need. Our unique and patented Lift'n'Peel ™ range presents an easily gripped semi-circular tab as an easy open feature.

The tab is attached to the top of the innerseal disc, facilitating easy removal of the membrane from the container in one clean piece. Simply pull Lift'n'Peel ™ upwards to easily open the product and leave a clean bottle opening.

There's no question that product integrity and added convenience can build increased customer loyalty - which can lead to increased market share. The ultimate in tamper indication and convenience brought to you by the Lift'n'Peel ™ range.

Whether you need a clean peeling seal that maintains freshness and prevents leakers or a tamper-indicating seal, you'll find that people will be pulling for your brand like never before.

Lift'n'Peel ™ easy open tab consists of a twin construction of polyester that has been designed to be ergonomically easy to grip, flexible and extremely strong.

No additional processing or equipment is required to incorporate the Lift'n'Peel ™ innerseal allowing closure manufacturers to use standard punching equipment to insert the innerseal into their closures and the induction sealing process to remain the same.

Lift'n'Peel ™ liners can be randomly printed with a customer specific logo or design to provide additional protection from the increasing problem of counterfeiting. Either way Lift'n'Peel ™ brings brand differentiation and added consumer value to the pack that is second to none in the industry.
As revolutionary as it was to have an induction innerseal, Lift'n'Peel ™ innerseals are the next generation, and are starting to revolutionize the market again.

Along with tamper evidence Lift'n'Peel ™ will ensure that the pack remains intact and that the product remains 'factory fresh'.

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