Cap Inspection System

Cap Inspection System


Detects foil, cocked caps and stalled bottles. Eliminate unsealed bottles because of missing foils and cocked caps, and detect stalled bottles. New design is mechanically and electronically integrated with touch screen control for easy set-up and simple reliable operation. Available with Super Seal™ Max and Super Seal™ Touch cap sealers.


Rely on Enercon’s new cap inspection system to prevent unsealed products from leaving your facility and ensure your containers are properly sealed to prevent leaks, preserve freshness and provide tamper evidence. Also available is the new deluxe cap inspection which includes all of the critical features of the standard cap inspection system and more.

Available with the Super Seal™ Touch and Super Seal™ Max this system provides quality assurance in detecting containers without foils as well as detecting cocked caps which can lead to down bottles and unsealed containers. Add an Enercon ejector to reject these faulty containers from the production line. The system can also monitor for stalled bottles and shutoff the induction sealer should this situation arise.

Easy set up and Operation

  • Mechanical Integration – the sensor arms are integrally mounted with the sealer
  • Integrated touch screen control of inspection & rejection modules
  • Interchangable Sensors
  • Easy Tool-less Adjustments

Watch this video overview to learn more.

Available Features

Select any combination of Foil Detection, Cocked Cap Detection and Stalled Bottle Detection or receive all three when purchasing the Full Cap Inspection system.

Missing Foil Detector
If a container is missing its cap or liner it will be detected by the missing foil detector. This circuit also provides a signal for triggering a reject device. Includes bottle counter and missing foil counter.

Stalled Bottle Detector
Sometimes also referred to as motion detection system, it detects when a bottle fails to exit the sealing head within a preset time. When this occurs, the sealer is automatically turned off and a “stalled bottle fault” is displayed on the screen of the system.

Cocked Cap Detector
Senses a cap that is not properly seated. Prevents containers from colliding with the induction sealing head and creating a down bottle situation. Also identifies cocked caps which may not be providing the required torque for successful induction sealing. The circuit provides a signal for triggering a reject device. Includes bottle counter and cocked cap counter.

LED Bottle Centering Guide
Provides precise centering point to align containers on the conveyor at the infeed and discharge of the station. Sensors used in this guide may also be used as backup for other sensors used in the system. Included at discharge with stalled bottle detection and at both infeed and discharge with missing foil and cocked cap detection.

Foil detector and stalled bottle detector are available for the Super Seal™ series.


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